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Steven Berkoff’s America

A unique Fringe  event: the world premiere screening of Steven Berkoff’s recent live recording reading a personal selection of his own poetry about growing up in New York and his many experiences of working in America.  Funny, moving and not a little indiscreet – a must for all fans of this theatre and film icon.

Berkoff, Art & Peter Howson

The world premiere of a 20 min short film of Steven introducing his personal art collection, and discussing what art means to him and his work; followed by a live in-conversation event between Berkoff friend and collaborator Peter Howson, one of Scotland’s most eminent painters and the official UK war artist during the Bosnian conflicts, and legendary Edinburgh impresario and artist Ricky Demarco.  A unique Festival experience which promises to be an unforgettable event.

Making Music For Dance

The One Ensemble is a unique quartet committed to exploring new ways of presenting and performing its music. The group has worked with filmmakers, theatre practitioners, puppeteers and is currently collaborating with Scottish Dance Theatre on Miann. This Workshop explores how musicians and dancers can work together, with a particular focus on how one discipline can inform the other. Participants will be invited to engage in the process of creating music for dance with guidance from The One Ensemble and members of Scottish Dance Theatre. Open to anyone with an interest in devising; acoustic instruments, though not essential, are welcome.

Chalk About Creative Workshop

Chalk About is a playful, funny and moving look at how we see ourselves featuring dance, chat and one perfect scene containing everything you could wish for… Christine and Hendrik ask some BIG questions about identity; What makes us who we are? Is it where we are from? Is it the way we dance? Our pasts or our futures? And, most importantly, doesn’t everyone like pizza?

Based on the ideas explored in the show, the company lead a fun creative workshop for audience/families/young people, containing simple activities which use writing, drawing, talking and movement to look at themes such as identity and individuality, assumptions and stereotypes.

What Next?

WHAT NEXT? What’s the future of arts and culture in the UK?

A free, public debate with key figures from the cultural / arts sector on what ‘art’ and ‘culture’ actually mean to people in Britain today.

Arts and culture is a right of every British citizen, a public good and not a private luxury affordable only by the middle and upper classes. How do we begin to celebrate and articulate as a nation the value and impact of art on all our lives?

This discussion will start with short provocations from our guests before the conversation opens out for you to have your say.

What Next? brings together arts and cultural organisations from around the UK to discuss the role of culture in our society.

FREE non ticketed, first come first serve.

Sovereign Secrets: Independence: The Known Unknowns?

The imminent Big Vote is a historic first for Scottish Voters to take a gamble on sovereignty as its solution to a wide range of the political economy questions. The technicalities are legion while sureties are few, subject to political negotiations with the UK and the EU. What are the respective agendas and problems? What do both sides think is known for certain? Are they true or false?

Political-Economy Parallels: Diverging UK, Europe, The World?

Talk followed by open discussion to explore parallels between ideas of Scottish Independence, UK leaving the EU, and wider contexts of Europe’s macro-economy and global influence? Is resurgent nationalism the new anti-globalisation? Is it beating a retreat from the internationalism we gained from the wreckage of two world wars that began a century ago? Are the tribes threatening the sack of Rome, again?

Kulturnomics: Summerhall’s Multi-Arts Strategy?

What is a multi-arts strategy? What is special about Summerhall?

In terms of culture outside the home have the arts any major relevance in the twenty-first century? Do they directly influence anything truly vital or are they merely notes in the margins of history, however colourful and entertaining or not? Should we think of the arts as part of the bread of life or only as part of the circus of life?

Jolly Jungle

Throughout the festival Summerhall’s Yellow Room Children’s space will host Jolly Jungle, a drop-in play space for parents and carers to explore with their child. A perfect way to escape the festival fever and take a breather between shows, Jolly Jungle is brimming with toys, soft play, art and crafts and a story corner too for tiny tots, toddlers and pre schoolers to enjoy.

Tuesday-Sunday during August (closed Mondays).

Q&A with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge will be making a rare UK appearance talking about her prandogeny project as well as her leading roles as a hugely influential musician (Throbbing Gristle, Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth, Thee Majesty) and leading social activist in the fields of sexuality, identity and gender. The format will be a question and answer session led by Summerhall’s curator, Paul Robertson.

FAILE – Artist’s Talk

FAILE are the Brooklyn based collaboration between Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller and are regarded as one of the most important of street artists in the world. Bast has been an intricate part of the street art scene for well over 15 years throughout New York and Europe. Together they have produced the amazing games machine DELUXXE FLUXUS ARCADE which will be installed in Summerhall’s basement for the Edinburgh Art Festival and beyond. This is a rare chance to catch two of the innovators of urban intervention and ask them about their work and their history of being graffiti pioneers in the USA. Chaired by Summerhall’s curator, Paul Robertson.


Riotous night of live gypsy, klezmer and Balkan music, featuring virtuoso musicians, exquisite gypsy belly dancing, Balkan Beats DJs, live visuals, free shots of rakija Balkan plum brandy, costume boudoirs and more! Come indulge in the sounds, sites and tastes of the Balkans and party proper Balkan stylee OPA!

Elvis’ Stardust

Elvis lives! He has not left the building!

Elvis’ Stardust is a short, melancholy rhapsody of tiny gestures, stolen glances, distant rhythms. It is a gesture of love embodied, the breath of a star, of which dust is all that remains of its swift demise.

One body takes over another to reveal hidden senses, ambiguities and driftage. Elvis is the performer, one within the other, flesh within flesh, in a sweet yet mournful embrace.

On stage, he is a comical figure out of time and out of context. The world around him has changed, and the giant garbed in dazzling white is a reflection of lost elegance. He stands in improbable places, emerging like a ghost, carving out spaces where he improvises the echoes of actions and poignant songs in an inevitable ritual of communication.

Elvis Stardust will also be at Dance Base this Festival! Check out their website for more information.


“Nothing ever happens to me, ever. I’d go further than that. I’d say nothing has ever happened to me. I can’t tell you anything significant that has ever happened to me.”
Join us in an exploration of nothing; from stalkers to cupcakes, pooing to daydreaming, as we ask what constitutes nothing? And what constitutes something?

Nothing has been described by The Sunday Times as “raw and disturbing” and was the winner of four awards at this year’s National Student Drama Festival, including the Sunday Times Young Playwriting Award and the Buzz Goodbody Student Director’s Award.

Songs From Orwell Farm

Songs from
Orwell Farm
An homage
A re-telling of the tale
In music
In the shadow of the smokestack
In ash and plowshares
Beneath the bones
Hanging from walls
Like market stalls

Part one
Starts the revolution
Starts the revolution
We know how the story ends
Against all odds and sods
The dreamers cast off
Before history
Animal and manimal
No dreamers here…

Music and Lyric
Written by:
Wyckham Porteous

Arranged and scored by:
Cargill Sanderson
Based on an idea by Robert McDowell

Josephine Foster

The wonderful singer-songwriter Josephine Foster breathes new life into this old world: her many albums are celebrations of myth making, with ancient and modern images, themes, incidents and characters coursing through the songs beautiful realised narratives.

Josephine Foster returns with her new album ‘I’m A Dreamer’. Following from the success of her previous critically acclaimed album ‘Blood Rushing’, which toured to great success.

Josephine Foster is not only a captivating songwriter and performer (a former opera singer), but also is daring, versatile and irreverent in her approach to subject and form. She has covered Emily Dickerson (Graphic As A Star) and sung German art songs (A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing), and recently adapted Lorca and Spanish folk/poems (in her recent albums with Victor Herrero, where she has sung in Spainish) as well as releasing an album with The Cherry Blossoms among myriad other projects.

Heatsick // JG Wilkes (Optimo): Festival Closing Party

Heatsick is the project of musician and visual artist Steven Warwick, whose new album, ‘Re-engineering’, is out now on PAN.

Jonnie Wilkes is a DJ, electronic musician and composer. He is one half of the international Optimo deejay team, and releases his own output under the Naum Gabo moniker.

Heatsick’s entrancing live show is created in real time based upon loops that are moulded, stretched and reduced to interlink, nestling and merging with one another in a similar way to his visual artwork, where objects and media combine and coalesce in an environment inviting the viewer’s participation. Combining a palette of sources from early Chicago house mixtapes (in sound, texture AND mixing technique) through to musique concrète and psychedelia, Heatsick proposes a live dance music that expands and unlocks the senses: his use of limited resources to produce an immersive, maximalist sound environment – often stretched beyond three hours and augmented by elements of his broader art practice for his Extended Play… performance series – has been favourably received at venues, clubs and festivals across the world including Berghain/Panorama Bar, Unsound, MoMa and Novas Frequencias in Rio.

Jonnie Wilkes took the first successful steps as a deejay at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. In this bristling underground community of artists, musicians and creative outsiders, Jonnie ran a series of techno parties for a number of years – firstly as Knucklehead and laterally as My Machines – with his friend Hamish McChlery. These became essential events at what would become one of the key clubbing venues in the city, one of the most popular destinations for weekend revellers and provided a residency which would cement Jonnie’s reputation as an eclectic and skilled DJ. As the Art School parties continued over the years Jonnie became disaffected with the musical direction of the techno scene, and at the invitation of a fellow DJ friend of his – Keith McIvor (Twitch) – decided to start up a new event which would allow for a much broader and more adventurous selection of music.

The collaboration between the two would become the Optimo nightclub which would run for 14 years at the infamous Sub Club, spawn a series of critically lauded compilations and generate a global reputation for the duo as two of the most forward thinking and iconoclastic deejays in contemporary clubbing. The Optimo deejays breakthrough release was their (now seminal) ‘How To Kill The Dj Pt.2″ mix on Tigersushi. Over the next ten yers this would be followed by “Optimo presents Psyche Out” (Eskimo), Walkabout (Endless Flight), Sleepwalk (a compilation) (Domino), Sub Club: 20 Years Underground (Soma) their exceptional mix Fabric 52 and most recently with Dark is the NIght (Endless Flight).

Midnight Ceilidh

The Mairi Campbell Ceilidh Band treat you to a special festival Midnight Ceilidh. Bring your friends for a night of fabulous fiddling with award-winning musician Mairi Campbell joined by Dave Francis on guitar and John Young on bass.

Great tempos and lift that’ll have you dancing all night. All dances will be called so this is a night for everyone from complete beginners to ceilidh experts!

Part of the Return to the Voice project

The Gift of Childhood

Movement provides the cognitive loop between the idea, problem, or intent and the outcome or solution. This teaches an infant, child, and, ultimately, adult to better function in and understand the world.

Dance fosters social encounter, interaction, and cooperation. Children learn to understand themselves in relation to others, as well as benefit from: improved general and psychological well-being, greater self-confidence and self-esteem increased trust , better social skills and reduced social isolation and exclusion.

Dance promotes psychological health and maturity. Children enjoy the opportunity to express their emotions and become aware of themselves and others through creative movement.

Speakers include: Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, Louise Klarnett (Early Years Dance Specialist, Laban).

Finding our Voice

A free talk for ticket-holders for Return to the Voice. Song of the Goat’s director Grzegorz Bral and composer Maciej Rychły will be joined for a panel discussion by key collaborators based in Scotland. They will give an insight into the genesis of the project, the process of making the piece and what they have learned along the way, and answer questions from the audience.

Norman McLaren and Spanish animation today: Converging Identities

A unique journey through some of the best animation short films by Spanish and Latin-American filmmakers deeply influenced by the work of Norman McLaren.

Rooted in the ground of the Stirling-born animator, and continuing with our purpose of piecing together the most talented proposals from Spanish cinema with overseas cultures, this initiative seeks to open an innovative and exciting insight into the animation domain.

Selected carefully all these short masterpieces have been related to the Stirling-born genius. Spanish masterpieces such as The world’s noise, Canis or Zumbakamera, this showcase represents a unique opportunity to see whether or not McLaren’s thoroughness and expertise may have found a print of his legacy. An overlook at today’s Spanish animation could uncover converging identities.

ECAM – 10th Anniversary

ECAM (School of Cinematography of Madrid) celebrates this year its 10th anniversary.

ECAM is the film making school of the capital of cinema Madrid, the most important of the whole of Spain for some, and it is by all means pure talent. Not by chance, its panel of lecturers is trained by cinema referents of the like of Enrique Urbizu –filmmaking-, Jose Luis Escolar –production-, Pablo Remón –script writing-, Felix Murcia –artistic direction- or Ricardo Steinberg –sound-. In collaboration with ECAM we will present a unique selection of short films exclusively for Edinburgh FRINGE.

Dance Saying the Unsayable

Fleur Darkin and Dr Jo Butterworth.

Fleur Darkin, Scottish Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director will enlighten the audience with her interest in, and passion for collaboration and how it lies at the heart of all her work. Joining Fleur is Dr Jo Butterworth, visiting Professor in Dance Studies at the University of Malta, Chair of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance Board, and a trustee of Northern Ballet. A unique opportunity to hear from two hugely respected figures in the dance industry as they discuss the practical aspects such as technique and choreography to more theoretical considerations such as aesthetic appreciation.

Tiger Tale

A troubled family’s world turns upside down when a tiger visits. It’s chaotic, it’s dangerous but it’s brilliantly fun, with captivating dancers and live music. Up close to the action the audience surround the family as the space is transformed into a changing world of colour and explosive movement. Natasha Gilmore and Robert Alan Evans have created an insightful story of family relationships.


A troubled family’s world turns upside down when a tiger invades. It’s chaotic, emotionally charged but brilliantly comic. With captivating dancers and live music the evocative sound score brings the tiger to life, whilst the impressive set unleashes the chaos of the tiger in exciting and unexpected ways. Natasha Gilmore and Robert Alan Evans have created an insightful story of family relationships.

Touring work for young audiences internationally

An Imaginate discussion panel talking to theatre and dance makers in Scotland who have toured their work for young audiences internationally. What are the opportunities, what are the issues and what should you know?

Snoutology for Beginners

‘In today’s seminar we will be studying Snoutology. That’s the ology of Snout, in case you’re wondering. Or for the less intuitive amongst you, how to use your snout more effectively.’

Join Professor White Fang and Dr Gary, both accomplished dogs in their own right, in their acclaimed training seminar for humans who have ‘lost their senses’. Snoutology for Beginners is a raucous theatre show performed by one actor with a learning disability and one without. With quirky animation, audience participation and groundbreaking 4D technology, this is bonkers observational comedy of the canine kind. Class dismissed!

Audience members will be provided with a complimentary drink with the performance.

Now Until The Hour

Now Until the Hour is a lyrical dramatic monologue starring Jacquie Crago. This is the story of a woman who has been marginalized throughout her life and who now finds herself in a world of unanswered phones and unanswered questions. She is waiting on a call – is it from God, from the ghostly boy who haunts her, or from the love of her life? Whoever it is, she keeps missing them. Until now. In the spirit of Krapp’s Last Tape, this is one powerful stand before the dying of the light.


Charmolypi is made of the performer’s personal stories told through the body. Where words fail, the story of the body is born. It contains the missing pieces of yourself that can be used to pull yourself out of an existential crisis, out of the zero point of existence – to return to yourself, to life or death.

The performance is a sort of map charting the thoughts of a woman who struggles with the uncertainty of what is a dream and what is her failure to understand herself in the real world. The Greek word charmolypi encompasses the duality at the root of human experience. Loosely translated, it means “bittersweet” or “joyful sorrow”. On a more earthly level, elderly people are often said to have charmolypi because of their accumulation of experience.

Actor Alexandra Kazazou is a member of Studio Matejka (physical theatre laboratory exploring techniques that cross the borders between genres and movement practices) in collaboration with the Grotowski Institute since 2010.

Director, Matej Matejka has performed at Edinburgh winning multiple awards: 2006 (Farm in the Cave); 2012 (Teatr Zar).

Produced and premièred at the Grotowski Institute, Poland; performed in Greece, Belgium, Russia, Turkey and USA.

Against Nothingness or 3cm Above an Empty Head

Through a combination of monsters, demons, and his dysfunctional relationship with his father, Stasiu tries to overcome the harsh reality of his own existence, as his narcotic-abused life flashes before his eyes. Pulse 53 is an international ensemble of European Theatre Arts graduates from Rose Bruford College, who use montage, mime, and live music to create an interdisciplinary spectacle. This is Pulse 53’s first show, which was created in collaboration with Andrzej and Teresa Welminscy, two of the original members of Taduesz Kantor’s Cricot 2.

Artist as Activist: The relationship between art and social change

Thenu was born in Galle and studied painting in Moscow and Colombo. He is Director of the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts in Colombo which he founded in 1993 – an alternative art school and exhibition space. He is lecturer of Aesthetic Studies at the University of Colombo. He is a Peace Campaigner and Human Rights activist. Through his exhibition and actions Thenu continues to express his belief that as humans we are condemned by passivity and that every human has a duty and an ability to make Peace. He is UZ Arts artist in residence in Glasgow . In conversation he will talk about his life and work in the context of contemporary Sri Lanka.

Artist as Healer: The relationship between art and the health service

Artists working within the health service have been commissioned to create work that contributes to the clinical process. Chris Fremantle commissions art, Maria McCavana working with her colleague Bill Breckenridge has redesigned waiting rooms for CAMHS (children and adolescent Mental Health Services) in Glasgow. Setting up residency in the clinic and working directly with patients as they wait. What part do patients play in the imagining and delivery of the work? How can we measure the success of artistic interventions in the health service?

Verbatim Workshop: Everyone has a Story to Tell… and their own way of telling it

Verbatim theatre is a form of documentary theatre in which plays are constructed from the precise words spoken by people interviewed about a particular event or topic. 20 Stories High have been working with their Young Actors Company to create the verbatim show Tales from the MP3.

This workshop will be led by the MP3 actors, focusing on a series of verbatim theatre exercises, using the ‘recorded delivery’ technique.

Participants will:

  • Learn the ‘recorded delivery’ performance technique
  • Hear how Tales from the Mp3 developed
  • Experience a short excerpt
  • Create and share a short verbatim piece

Scottish launch and reading for The Other Tongues

Introduced by Alasdair Allan, MSP, Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages, and Robert McDowell, with further remarks and brief readings by Editors Peter Mackay, Andrew Philip, Murdo MacDonald and Chris Agee

Published by Irish Pages and funded by generous Irish-British grants from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Colmcille, Foras na Gaeilge, the Ulster-Scots Agency and the Gaelic Books Council in Scotland, The Other Tongues: An Introduction to Writing in Irish, Scots Gaelic and Scots in Ulster and Scotland is a beautifully produced, ground-breaking and major anthology in a coffee-table-book format, aimed at the general reader in English as well as in Irish, Scots Gaelic and Scots.


Fresh from her inclusion in the Commonwealth Games Glasgow as a POET, Edinburgh Fringe First winner & writer/performer Skye Loneragan installs herself in places & spaces of waiting– where people queue to pay, purchase or pass – and she shares the best of the line up with us for one night only.

Q-Poetics hinges on the arousal of curiosity and grew from the parent project in spaces of waiting– Making a Map of My Mistakes, (Glasgow’s New Victoria Hospital) an ongoing experiment in perception.

Awesome Tapes from Africa // Golden Teacher // David Barbarossa

Braw Gigs, Cry Parrot and Summerhall are delighted to team up to present the Edinburgh debut from Awesome Tapes from Africa.

Since 2006, Brian Shimkovitz’s Awesome Tapes From Africa blog has been shedding light on obscure and wonderful sounds from across the continent. As a DJ he brings the blog to life with sets that blend folkloric pop, left-field dancefloor gems and hip-hop bangers he’s collected on African marketplace finds. Travelling from club to festival to DIY space, Awesome Tapes From Africa DJ sets celebrate the music and musicians whose cassettes Shimkovitz has collected over the years.

Golden Teacher started life as a studio collaboration between Glasgow’s experimental hardcore trio, Ultimate Thrush and Glasgow’s all analogue house duo, Silk Cut. The results of their collaboration turned the ears of all who heard them, not least Twitch who after one listen asked if he could release the project on Optimo Music label.

Joining in the fun will be Glasgow’s finest esoteric record spinner David Barbarossa. Braw Gigs and Cry Parrot will be on hand to open proceedings with a few of their own selections too. Expect a night of outernational sounds for the dancefloor in the stunning setting of the Summerhall Dissection Room.​

Youth in Business: Taking Action to Inspire Future Generations

This panel discussion will feature four young Scottish-based entrepreneurs from various backgrounds who will discuss how Youth is inspiring future generations through entrepreneurship.
The main issues that young people of today’s society face in the world of business will be explored.
Ilana Wetzler , who herself comes from an extensive entrepreneurial background will host this engaging discussion.
The panellists include Bruce Walker from We are the Future and Zoi kantounatou from Power of youth, two organizations that support young entrepreneurs.
As well as Rachel Thomson from Sense of Self and Fraser Grant from Smoke city, two creative led Start Ups.

The Furies

Glam rock meets Greek tragedy in this ultimate tale of female vengeance voiced by Clytemnestra’s band of ‘Furies’. Operatic laments of a woman wronged are spliced and smashed together with heavy metal rages from her aggressor and the haunting lullabies of his mistress. The Furies is part gig, part performance spectacle and is as loud as it is beautiful.

Devising Within a Democracy Workshop

The TEAM is a Brooklyn-based ensemble dedicated to creating new works that examine the American experience. Four-time Edinburgh Fringe First winners, the TEAM creates all of its work collaboratively through a process that includes physical and verbal improvisation, solo and group writing assignments, and character and movement compositions. Led by Artistic Director Rachel Chavkin, the Devising Within a Democracy workshop immerses participants in a mini devising process, providing tools for solo and group creation, working through delicate issues of collaboration and authorship, and the editing and synthesizing process. Devising Within a Democracy is aimed at both emerging and established artists.

Improvisation Workshop with Scottish Dance Theatre

The content will centre around the exploration of sensitivity of touch, as well as the body’s inherent weight as a way into physicality. Using body work techniques as an avenue into duet work, weight sharing will be explored as the participants communicate through their physicality. The awareness of sensitivity of touch allows partners to tune into each other and the group energy. The aim is to meet the individuals in the room with an open and receptive touch and awareness and to be in the journey as it evolves. This session will be accompanied by live music.

Wee Science: How do children understand the world?

How do children learn to speak, to count, to appreciate that a mess of lines on a page can represent a horse? These developments are the basis for some of the most complex and unique human achievements, like science, mathematics, and art. Between two and five children undergo extraordinary development in their ability to think about the world. Understanding these changes provides a unique opportunity to help children reach their full intellectual potential. In this talk, Dr Rabagliati and Dr Doumas will explain their current scientific understanding of how children’s neurological and social development interact to produce these remarkable cognitive changes.

University Professor at the Fringe Networking Event

Fringe University believes that the Edinburgh Fringe makes an excellent classroom. Come meet and network with other university professors from around the world planning to, or already using, the Fringe for educational purposes.

Tanztheater Pina Bausch Wuppertal at 40 – panel discussion

Tanztheater Pina Bausch are turning 40 this year and we are using this anniversary to take stock and look back at four decades of dance theatre. We will also be discussing “Sweet Mambo”, the production Tanztheater are presenting at the Festival, and we will try to look ahead at the company’s future, five years after Pina Bausch’s premature death.

The panel discussion will be hosted by Dr Anselm Heinrich, Head of Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow, and he will be joined by Robert Sturm (ex co-artistic director Tanztheater Pina Bausch and current director of the Pina40 anniversary season) and Matthias Burkert, musical director Tanztheater Pina Bausch.

Some Imagined Theatres: staged readings from a provisional universe

What is the theatre but a place for imagining other worlds? A theorist of the stage presents the staged reading of a collection of very brief conceptual performances: prose poems, micro-fictions, and momentary plays, false memories, dreams, and paradoxes, all written in the language of the theatre about the nature of the theatre. Personal reflections and musings accompany these hypothetical worlds, asking how the theatre might be a place for the theoretical to perform and where our imagined events might meet their eventual realization.

Play, Language, and Infants’ Developing Minds

What’s the role of language and play in the development of the infant’s mind? We often talk to babies using words like ‘choo-choo’ and ‘tummy’ instead of ‘train’ and ‘stomach’. Are baby-talk words good or harmful for language development? And what’s the role of play in early cognitive development? Is there any difference between how girls and boys play?

Dr Ota, Dr Skarabela and Dr Auyeung will guide our discovery of some of the most surprising ways in which the linguistic and social environments help develop children’s minds.

Meet and Greet for University Students

Are you a university student at the Fringe? Network with your tech, acting, management, producing peers – make connections! Come meet other university students at this meet and greet sponsored by Fringe University.

Joaquim Benite’s Last Theatre Production – It’s not enough to say “No”

For 50 years acclaimed Portuguese theatre director Joaquim Benite showed that it is possible to fill venues outside Lisbon. One day illness caught up with him. In September 2012, he called the actors for what would be his last production, William Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens. He died 16 days before the premiere. Catarina Neves’s award-winning film follows the last battle of an extraordinary man of theatre.

Following the screening there will be an audience discussion with the documentary maker, leading Portuguese TV news journalist Catarina Neves, chaired by Mark Brown, theatre critic of the Sunday Herald and the Daily Telegraph.

Dissection Room Residencies: The Artists Talk

This Dissection Room Residencies Talk is all about exploring the work produced by the fantastic artists who form part of this years Summerhall artists in Residence, Xana Marwick, Clare Duffy and Sarah Bebe Holmes from Paper Doll Militia. The remit of talk they will be to discuss their artistic process and the work they have been exploring during their residency, with a focus on what inspires their artistic output and what it is actually like being on a residency program. The Event will be chaired by Anu Selva-Thomson, the Director of the Residency Program here at Summerhall.

Northern Idyll: New poetry and fiction from Europe’s northern islands

Europe’s northern islands have a timeless, enchanting atmosphere shrouded in mystery, expressed in beautiful poetry and stories. How is this tradition continuing today?


Please join us for Trafika Europe’s grand launch performances, as we present great new voices and perspectives of Europe’s northern islands.


Some of the best Scottish writers and storytellers take us on a journey, performing poetry from and about Gaelic and Shetland Islands, and great new fiction translated from Icelandic novelist, Jón Kalman, Faroe Islands novelist Jóanes Nielsen, and from northern Norway by Roy Jacobsen. It’s a programme sure to mesmerise and please.


Performances will be each night 05-10 August, from 9:30 pm., as follows.


On Tuesday-Wednesday (05-06 August), Edinburgh’s two master poets, Ron Butlin (Makar – Poet Laureate 2008-2014) and Christine De Luca (Edinburgh’s newest Makar – Poet Laureate) take the stage together to take us on this journey!


Ron Butlin will remain for performances Thursday, Friday and Sunday (07, 08, & 10 August).


He will be joined Thursday through Sunday (07-10 August) by the ever-wonderful northern Scottish nature poet Mandy Haggith.


What’s more, on our two final evenings (09-10 August) we’ll also enjoy Scottish storyteller Ian Stephen, telling a tale from the icy north, with musical accompaniment.


Please join us for these very special performances and help us celebrate the launch of Trafika Europe, bringing you some of the best new fiction and poetry from across Europe!

From Here – Working with place and young people

Young People from Craigmillar and Niddrie come together with some artists to discuss their project FROM HERE.

From Here is a multi media, arts and heritage project created in collaboration with Lou Brodie, Lyra Theatre, Historic Scotland and young people from Craigmillar and Niddrie.

The From Here project has offered space and resource for young people to curate and commission their own events and works of Art inspired by their relationship to local heritage. Beginning in March and for over 6 months these young curators have been collaborating with and commissioning a performance artist, visual artist, sound artist, film artist and photographer to create work that responds to and celebrates their contemporary and historical heritage.

The talk will explore the nature of collaboration between young people and artists and will include invited guests from across Britain’s Art and Participation sector.
At the end of the talk the young curators and project team invite you to join them on a walk from Summerhall to Craigmillar along Edinburgh’s infamous innocent railway. Drinks and light refreshments will be provided at the end of the walk.

From Here is generously supported by Heritage Lottery, Historic Scotland and Imaginate

Wuthering Heights

Four performers explore their experiences of being men in this bold, award-winning, all male interpretation of Emily Bronte’s seminal text. As they recall the dark expanses of the Yorkshire moors, they sing together, full- throated, and dance optimistically to the howling tones of Kate Bush. They ask, almost 200 years after the book was published, are the aspirations of men very different now? The energy of this brave new performance is not to be missed.

Where the World Is Going, That’s Where We Are Going

‘We’d love to tell you about Jacques the fatalist and his Master, by Denis Diderot, one of the best books ever written, but we’re having problems’. Where the world is going, that’s where we are going is the first, award- winning show by theatre company Hof van Eede. Sisters Louise Van den Eede and Ans Van den Eede took Diderot’s novel as a starting point, and ended up embracing the vulnerability of language in a deliciously whimsical conversation between a man and a woman, ‘who need to go somewhere else, urgently’.


A personal slideshow for your eyes and ears only. Poet Ryan Van Winkle and musician Dan Gorman lead you on a playful, sometimes surreal, journey to a distant land and bring you back in under 15 minutes. Ryan Van Winkle is Poet in Residence at Edinburgh City Libraries. In 2012 his show Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel was one of the top ten best-rated shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Dan Gorman is a musician who has done field recordings in Afghanistan, Syria and an abandoned military base in Germany.

Part of the Made in Scotland showcase.

Tony and Mike – The Country Owl and the City Squirrel

Tony the Owl lives in the countryside. He’s really happy until Joe and Charlotte move from the city and ruin his peace and quiet. To make matters worse, they’ve brought Mike the squirrel with them. He’s loud, cheeky and he likes to party! A new story, from Fringe First Award winners Tom Frankland and Laura Mugridge, inspired by the Tale of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

Theatre on a Long Thin Wire

No actors. No technicians. No set. Just you. And a phone that might ring. This is the theatre you don’t see. Inspired by an infamous piece of music generated by a single copper wire, this new work by Jack McNamara strips the theatre experience down to a bare room, an audience and a mysterious voice.

The Worm – An Underground Adventure

Underneath your feet in the muddy brown soil squirms the world’s best kept secret…a wonderful, magical creature called the Worm. Join Wilma and William, two nature lovers, on a journey underground as they discover a family of friendly, musical worms and their colourful miniature world. With laugh out loud songs, including one about worm poo, The Worm is a fun filled musical tale guaranteed to make everyone giggle, wiggle and love the squirmy wonders beneath our feet. After the performance, the audience are invited to see some real worms in a specially designed wormery. Suitable for ages 3-7

The World Mouse Plague

The show features a man who comes home from the shops to find he’s cohabiting with two friendly and peculiar-looking mice. Avoidance becomes intolerance as the two parties come up with increasingly ingenious methods to steer clear of each other. Hate propaganda, pest control instructions and current political policies are played out in a Tom and Jerry style battle over cream cake and biscuits. A wibbly wobbly world of silence, squelches, slaps and traps.

The Waste Land Sisters

Award-winning director Andrew Tsao returns with his third show at the Fringe after receiving Fringe Guru’s nod for Best Newcomer for The Grind Show. The Waste Land Sisters combines timeless classics by Chekhov and T. S. Eliot with imaginative staging and puppetry in a unique version of the greatest English poem of the 20th century and Chekhov’s masterwork. A world premiere devised theatre work created for this year’s festival.

The Scottish Enlightenment Project

‘Our tales are similar but the endings are different…’ In America, the underdog battles against all odds to triumph in the dying seconds of the game. In Scotland, we dwell on moments of glorious defeat snatched from the jaws of victory; the glass isn’t just half empty, it’s been smashed on the bar and waved in your face. On the eve of the Scottish referendum, this new collaboration between the National Theatre of Scotland and Brooklyn’s The TEAM uses the Scottish Enlightenment as a springboard to dive into the murky depths of our national mythologies.

The One Ensemble

Following their sell-out Summerhall shows at last year’s Made In Scotland showcase, this genre-defying quartet take a break from performing with Scottish Dance Theatre to perform a special one-off gig. The One Ensemble are a unique and curious quartet based in Glasgow, combining thrilling live playing with compositional elegance, shifting from hard-nosed rhythmic workouts to string miniatures, between wayward waltzes and open-throated song.

The Object Lesson

Do you have what you need? Do you need what you have? With boxes stacked to the ceiling, award-winning actor-illusionist-inventor Geoff Sobelle unpacks our relationship to everyday objects – a hilarious, heartbreaking solo performance installation. You encounter a massive, meaningful, meaningless pile of junk that describes in debris your tiny human history. Breaking, buying, finding, fixing, giving, losing, winning, trading, selling, stealing, storing, collecting, cluttering, clearing, packing up, passing on, buried under…a world of things. A meditation on the stuff we cling to and the crap we leave behind.

The Man Who Almost Killed Himself

Daniel tried to end his life many times. He failed in funny ways. Join us in Uganda as we re-live his attempts. A comic true story from acclaimed young director Josh Azouz & BAFTA-winning writer David Watson, plus live music from BAFTA nominated The Ganda Boys.

The Initiate

A British couple are seized by Somali pirates. In East London, a Somali taxi driver decides to rescue them. Meeting disbelief with determination, he dismisses his wife’s fears and flies out to negotiate their release. Speeding from the banks of the Thames to the now unfamiliar world of his homeland, he confronts the family he left behind and the bravado of the defiant men he once called brothers. A thrilling tale of altruism, greed, and the search for how to belong from George Devine award-winning playwright Alexandra Wood.

The Hibrow Comedy Hour

HiBrow and comedy curators Jilly Burnet and Van Keeling AKA JV Productions team up to storm the civilised environs of Summerhall with some of the festival’s finest comedians.


‘musical comedy rising stars’ The Sunday Times ‘Politically energised …raucously silly’ The Guardian

The UK’s hottest musical comedians present a raucous hour of songs, satire and silliness. From the stars of radio 4’s The Now Show, Infinite Monkey Cage and Sketchorama plus 2013 New Act of the Year.


‘very funny … sketches of the highest calibre …impossible not to be impressed …intelligent and skilfully executed. There is an ever louder buzz developing around Four Screws Loose’ The Telegraph

Four Screws Loose were the New Act of the Year finalists and are the best comedy sketch group on the circuit at the moment. Incredibly talented quartet of comedy.
Marcel Lucont is award-winning ‘flaneur’, ‘raconteur’, ‘bon viveur’, and easily the greatest UK based french comedian around!

‘fresh, accessible and hilarious’ The Guardian ‘wonderful French wit … a pitch perfect performance … superb stuff’ Time Out


‘the accents are spot on, the singing is faultless and the brilliantly observed one liners had the audience unashamedly laughing throughout of the fringe’s finest musical comedies’ The Stage

Brilliant character comedy packed with sparkling original songs. Cabaret Whore introduces desperate divas from around the globe, from tortured French chanteuse La Poule Plombee to washed up lounge crooner Bernie St Clair. These are the fantastic creations of Sarah Louise Young, winner of Spirit of the Fringe and Three Weeks Editor Awards.

The God That Comes

The God That Comes: a wine-soaked rock‘n’roll cabaret celebrating the god of wine and ecstasy! Starring Hawksley Workman. Part play, part cabaret, all bacchanalian. This solo tour de force fuses the chaotic revelry of a rock concert with the intimacy of theatrical storytelling. It tells the story of the Greco-Roman god of wine, Bacchus (or Dionysus) using Euripides’ The Bacchae as a primary source.

The Future for Beginners

Bethan and Matthew share a dream: they want to end up together at the end of their lives. They have taken the chance element out of growing old together by planning the rest of their lives in great detail. But there’s a problem: they’ve lost the plan for day one. Created by liveartshow’s Martin Constantine and Alan Harris, co- produced with Wales Millennium Centre, with new music by liveartshow’s Harry Blake. On liveartshow’s Manga Sister:

The Flood

Set in the bloody battlefields of WW1, The Flood recreates the horror of the conflict with an explicit depiction of the slaughter forced upon millions of soldiers. A parallel love story explores the devastating effects on the women that loved those men. As the insanity of the war intensifies, it follows this emerging relationship as it is irreversibly affected by unfolding events. Switching between the visceral horror of war, to an increasingly passionate yet ultimately tragic love affair, Badac present an intense portrayal of the emotional and psychological effects of wars past, present and, God forbid, future.

The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland

A dual family drama about recovery from schizophrenia. It simultaneously stages the first psychotic episodes of a mother and son as they navigate stress and change with fantastical results involving Finnish folk, Margaret Drabble, Adolf Hitler and the knitted cover for a toilet roll. Their two interconnected stories are performed to separate but adjoining auditoria in the same theatre space, audible but unseen to each other. At half time they switch seats and the action is replayed, mapping a pathway to recovery through dialogical understanding of their situation.

The Dispute

Day 6,570. The culmination of an experiment to recreate the Garden of Eden. Four teenagers locked away, never glimpsing another human face. Today they will be released. Director Emily Kempson reimagines Marivaux’s dizzyingly dark, erotic tale.

Tales from the MP3

Young People from award-winning 20 Stories High tell each other’s true stories straight from their MP3 players. As they hear the words in headphones, the performers deliver line for line to the audience what they are hearing – live. Verbatim with a twist, and delivered with unflinching honesty, they discuss religion, sex, race, friendship and family. Boys and girls play each other and cultural identity is swapped, revealing challenging and insightful perspectives. With live music, poetry and beatboxing, this is a unique new play from one of the UK’s top theatre companies for young adult audiences.

Step into My Parlour

Five Fringe soirèes, five special guests, five unique album launches. Step into Michelle’s memorabilia-bedecked living room for songs, yarns and a complement of Scotland and Ireland’s finest musicians led by James Ross. Look out for characters including legendary musician Cathal McConnell and Gaelic singer Kathleen McInness. You never know who’ll drop in for a sherry and party-piece! Inspired by discovering her great granny’s scrapbook, former lead vocalist with Cherish the Ladies, will charm and beguile you with tales of pneumonia and cows! Art installations – Laura BurkeHurley.

Step into My Parlour

Five Fringe soirèes, five special guests, five unique album launches. Step into Michelle’s memorabilia-bedecked living room for songs, yarns and a complement of Scotland and Ireland’s finest musicians led by James Ross. Look out for characters including legendary musician Cathal McConnell and Gaelic singer Kathleen McInness. You never know who’ll drop in for a sherry and party-piece! Inspired by discovering her great granny’s scrapbook, former lead vocalist with Cherish the Ladies, will charm and beguile you with tales of pneumonia and cows! Art installations – Laura BurkeHurley.

Standby for Tape Back-Up

‘Two years ago, I found a videotape in my loft. On it: one and a half films, one quiz show and two sitcoms. Somehow it became the story of my life’. Ross Sutherland attempts a daring experiment in synchronicity. Using nothing but found-footage from one of his granddad’s old videotapes, Ross attempts to draw out his entire life story.

Song Noir – The Director’s Cut

Following 2013’s critically acclaimed Song Noir, Pumajaw continue their unique musical journey into the twilight zone of cult TV and film noir, with spine tingling vocals, evocative, electronic soundscapes and retro- futuristic films. Featuring songs from Twin Peaks, Kill Bill and Kiss Me Deadly alongside originals from the duo’s repertoire of seven albums, Song Noir – the Director’s Cut leads you through a seductive, mind bending, audio- visual maze.

Sleight & Hand

Rising star Marieke Audsley directs a dazzling, whip- smart slice of Victoriana, the story of struggling illusionist Edwin Sleight who finds fame and fortune after joining forces with the quick-witted and light-fingered Iphigenia Hand.

Sleep Sound

New genre-crossing music by Fiona Rutherford. Originally a Celtic Connections commission, Sleep Sound is inspired by the structure of a night’s sleep. Lose yourself in this beautifully vivid soundtrack, featuring some of Scotland’s top musicians in both the traditional and contemporary fields.

Part of Made in Scotland showcase.


Sister, in association with The Arches. Amy is a sex worker. Her sister, Rosana, is a shaven-headed lesbian. They are both feminists. In Sister they present a bold and unflinching examination of themselves: their family bonds, shared experiences, and the differing paths their lives have taken. Sister is a powerful and joyous performance exploring feminism and choice.

Previously presented at Behaviour 2014, supported by National Theatre Studio, Battersea Arts Centre and The Yard.

Part of Made in Scotland showcase.


We are the weaker sex. We’re goddesses, muses, amazons and warrior queens. We can’t control our feelings. We bleed once a month, because we deserve it. We cry, sulk and suffer inexplicable mood swings. We’re little princesses. We need a man. We all have oversensitive antennae and they hurt. We are either whores or saints, reading signs in everything. We like to provoke but we don’t fully understand the impact. We’re good liars, use our bodies to get on in life, argue that it’s impossible to understand if you’re not a woman. We’re sirens. And the stage is ours.

Simon Thacker’s Ritmata

Led by the visionary Scottish guitar virtuoso, Simon Thacker’s Ritmata play exhilaratingly direct new music combining sounds from every corner of the globe with the incredible musical experiences of all four performers: the unbridled expression of flamenco, the limitless emotions of the ragas of India, pulsating rhythms from Africa, the raw power and spirituality of Native America, the seductive eloquence of Middle Eastern maqamat and impassioned romances of the Judeo-Spanish Sephardim. Experience brilliantly inventive musicianship, soul stirring improvisation and dazzling composition in an effortless meeting of musical styles, cultures and traditions.

Part of Made in Scotland showcase.

Show 6

Are you who you think you are?
A fatal car crash.
A memory uncovered.
A secret that leads to revolution.

A provocative new thriller from award-winning playwright Mark Ravenhill written for the Lyric Hammersmith’s Secret Theatre Company.

The Secret Theatre Company is a 20 strong ensemble of actors, writers, directors and designers created to challenge the way theatre is produced and presented in Britain. The company has taken London by storm since their first explosive show in September 2013. Now they bring their bold and inventive style to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Shakespeare, His Wife and the Dog

April 1616 Shakespeare has returned to Stratford a rich famous and successful man but all’s not well. Why is he so unhappy? Why can’t he sleep? Why is his wife furious with him? Who is Will waiting for and why can’t Anne find the dog? The secrets, lies, resentments and passions of a marriage laid bare. A sleepless night in Stratford, the one hour traffic of our play. Bated Breath presents a new play by Philip Whitchurch with a bit of help from Shakespeare.

Return to the Voice

Internationally acclaimed, multi award-winning Song of the Goat Theatre (Fringe First winners in 2012 & 2004) have been commissioned by Summerhall to create a new performance drawing on Scotland’s ancient musical traditions. Return to the Voice has been inspired by laments for death and love, working songs, story-telling songs, psalms, wedding songs, and songs of exile. It will be a passionate exploration of the spiritual and human importance of memory and music, staged in the stunning surroundings of St Giles Cathedral.

Each show will be preceded by a short concert from Gaelic and Scottish musicians: Linda Nicleòid, Gillebrìde MacMillan, Alasdair MacIlleBhàin, Joy Dunlop, Gillie Mackenzie, Màiri MacLeod, Allan Macdonald. Please see here for more information and to see who is playing which date.

Song of The Goat Theatre commissioned by Eleven and Summerhall. In association with the School of Scottish Studies Archives at the University of Edinburgh. Supported by Creative Scotland, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Polish Cultural Institute

This event is offsite and will take place at St Giles Cathedral, High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1RE

Tickets will be available from our Box Office at St Giles Cathedral from 8pm for the performance beginning that night.

Tilleadh gu Guth

Tha cliù eadar-nàiseanta aig Song of the Goat Theatre agus tha iad air iomadh duais a chosnadh nam measg Fringe Firsts ann an 2012 agus 2004. Le cuireadh bho Summerhall tha iad air taisbeanadh òrain ùr a chruthachadh, stèidhichte air seann thraidiseanan ciùil na h-Alba. Tha Tilleadh gu Guth a’ tarraing a bhrìgh à marbhrainn is òrain gaoil, òrain luaidh, òrain aithriseach, sailm, òrain bainnse agus òrain eilthireachd. Bidh e na rannsachadh dìoghrasach air a’ spioradalachd agus an cudrom daonda a th’aig cuimhne agus ceòl, air a thaisbeanadh ann an suidheachadh iongantach Àrd-eaglais Naomh Giles.

Ro gach taisbeanadh aig Tilleadh gu Guth bidh consart goirid le luchd-ciùil Gàidhlig agus Albannach.

Song of the Goat Theatre le cuireadh bho Eleven agus Summerhall an co-bhuinn ri Tasglann Sgoil Eòlais na h-Alba aig Oilthigh Dhùn Èideann, Institiud Adam Mickiewicz agus Institiud Chultarach na Pòlainn.

Director : Grzegorz Bral
Music: Maciej Rychły, Jean Claude Acquaviva
Music Director: Kacper Kuszewski
Cast: Anna Maria Jopek, Emma Bonnici, Henry McGrath, Illenia Cipollari, Julianna Blodgood, Kacper Kuszewski, Łukasz Wójcik, Maria Sendow, Monika Dryl, Paolo Garghentino, Rafał Habel, Christopher Sivertsen
Agent/Producer: Alicja Mankowska

With support from Creative Scotland and The Aadam Mickiewicz Institute.

Replaceable Things

Leading new music group Ensemble Thing presents two extraordinary works examining the human condition in the 21st century. John De Simone’s Panic Diary is a deeply personal work about living with an anxiety disorder where the composer and audience alike immerse themselves in a fragile mind-set. Thomas Butler’s Replaceable Parts for the Irreplaceable You combines live musical performance with a cold electronic soundtrack and video in a work that critiques our use of, and reliance upon, new technologies. Ensemble Thing showcases some of the finest professional musicians currently working in Scotland.

Part of Made in Scotland showcase.


Raymondo is a story of brotherhood, loss, incarceration, escape, survival, desire, art and resilience. It is a story about the shittiness of others, the kindness of others, and love. Simply told by a woman with a microphone and an atmospheric live score of guitars, loops and keyboard, Raymondo is a raw, dark, funny and tender lyrical narrative that will sear through your defences straight to your heart. Written and performed by Annie Siddons. Performed by Daniel Green. Composed by Marcus Hamblett. Directed by Justin Audibert. Produced by Ruby Glaskin.

Out of Water

The singers are out of breath.The swimmers are out of their depth.

At sunrise and sunset, for three days only, a captivating spectacle will emerge on Edinburgh’s beach. Singers and swimmers strike out towards the water’s edge looking out intently, searching the horizon. Is somebody lost at sea?

Wearing headsets that transmit a heart-stirring soundscore by BAFTA-winning composer Jocelyn Pook, audiences are gently tugged towards the shore where the sight of toiling singers and swimmers unfolds before them. Featuring a live performance from chart-topping soprano Laura Wright and forty local Portobello residents, Out of Water reveals stories of endeavor, lifeguard drills, calls for help and struggles for breath. It promises to be an astonishing moment within some of Edinburgh’s most stunning scenery.

Out of Water is part of Escalator East to Edinburgh and Summerhall programmes.

Leaving from Summerhall:
There is a coach that will leave from Summerhall half an hour before the start time of the performance. Ticket price includes transport to Portobello Beach.
Please call or email Summerhall Box Office to book your place on the coach – 0131 560 1581 /
Transport from Portobello Beach not included but assistance will be provided on how best to get to where you need to go. The local bus costs £1.50.

Portobello Meeting Point:
If you are not travelling by Summerhall coach, please meet at the Joppa Bandstand at the South End of Portobello Beach at least 10 minutes prior to the start time of the performance.

Access Requirements:
If you have any special access requirements, please contact Summerhall Box Office – 0131 560 1581 /

Our Teacher’s a Troll

Two terrible twins with a talent for turmoil rule their school with terror and tyranny – until the arrival of a new head teacher with green scaly skin, sharp gnarly fangs and a long spiky tail… Can the twins save the school from the child-eating troll? Can they get brussels sprouts in peanut butter taken off the menu? And most importantly, can naughtiness prevail? Be outrageously entertained in this colourfully comic show from the writer of award-winning West End hit Matilda the Musical. For ages 7+ and their accompanying trolls (or parents).

Near Gone

Two performers have a difficult story to tell. They come on stage and launch themselves into an hour long attempt to put into words the utterly unspeakable. Delivered in English and Bulgarian, with pounding gypsy- inspired music, this beautiful performance fills an empty space with two performers, hundreds of fresh flowers and a storm of emotion. A performance piece that packs a punch – transforming your very sense of what it is to be a mother, a father, a child. And you’ll leave more fully alive than ever. Audiences say ‘immensely powerful and life- enhancing’, ‘brilliant, original, energetic and beautiful’.


Langasan Theatre derives its name from Cilangasan mountain, and contains profound treasure of fables and tales of Cilangasan clan. As an Amis senior aboriginal performer in Taiwan, the founder Adaw Palaf incorporates performance with dancing, singing and story-telling, which activates the aboriginal culture with concepts of modern action art. Misa-Lisin means ceremonies in all seasons. Imagine the blowing wind stirring the grain, the mud wrestling from our childhood memory, the healing received from the ocean… all recollections transform into powerful energy, giving birth to this touchable fable: a performance shaped by the power of humanity and motherland.


Scottish Dance Theatre and The One Ensemble

Miann is an intimate collaboration between visionary choreographer Fleur Darkin, Linbury prize winning designer Alexander Ruth and Glasgow four piece The One Ensemble. Performed by Scottish Dance Theatre’s full company of exceptional dancers. A daring, sensual and ritualistic piece which will create an intimate space between audience and performers. Bodies, instruments and voices will seamlessly interweave experimental and folk music moving to full-bodied, full throated energy.

Part of Made in Scotland showcase.

Maria Addolorata

Winner of Jury Prize HiverÔclites 2014 Avignon, France. Suffering has no linear narrative: it hits us unexpectedly, unforeseeably, unstoppably. A two-person investigation on trying to survive this tidal moment, when pain becomes the driving force behind physical reactions. Our approach is to work in close relation with society in its various aspects. Through a bare-bones language free from superstructure, C&C try to analyse the depth of relationships by meeting people and trying to bring truth onto the stage. All this is enabled by a physical language that allows the audience to feel represented within universality.


An emotionally dark, richly visual fairytale for adults and heavy-metal kids. How would you feel if your shadow took over your soul and began exploring its own desires and urges? What would you do? How could you get it back? Are self-confidence and friendship with others enough to defeat the evil of the shadowy Mister Malasombra? Internationally acclaimed Spanish company auMents combines visual theatre, dance, video art, object theatre, experimental shadow theatre and rock music to create a beautiful, exciting, fantastical journey through a collective fantasy, plunging us through the human soul’s darkness and light.

Info Winner of the Move-Award quality label 2013

Made in ILVA – The Contemporary Hermit

An international multi-award winning masterpiece of physical theatre, an innovative example of “contemporary bio-mechanics”, an emotional and poetic exploration of the condition of alienation and oppression of a human body reduced to an artificial machine. Inspired by the ILVA steelworks scandal and the witnesses of the Italian steelworkers, the performance is a perfect combination of extreme physical actions, sounds that become obsessive rhythms, original music, live voice and video projections. A critic to the impact of the factory on the environment expressed through the visual and physical theatre of this world touring ensemble.

Shortlisted for a TOTAL THEATRE AWARD 2014 in the PHYSICAL/VISUAL THEATRE category


A vision of a dystopian, superstitious, tribal Scotland. The Macbeth couple rise to power by brutal bloody means leading to their inevitable downfall holed up in their bunker. Suitable for non-Gaelic speakers. ‘A powerful new one-hour adaptation, translated into richly atmospheric Gaelic. A two-person format throws fierce emphasis onto the blighted and deteriorating relationship between Macbheatha and his wife.

Part of Made in Scotland showcase.


Lungs by Duncan Macmillan. ‘I could fly to New York and back every day for seven years and still not leave a carbon footprint as big as if I have a child. Ten thousand tonnes of CO2. That’s the weight of the Eiffel Tower. I’d be giving birth to the Eiffel Tower’. A couple are deciding their future. Thirty-something, educated, thoughtful, they want to have a child for the right reasons. But in a time of overpopulation, erratic weather and political unrest, what exactly are the right reasons?

Looking for Paul – Wunderbaum

Inez van Dam vs. Kabouter Buttplug. Inez van Dam lives in Rotterdam straight opposite the so-called Buttplug Gnome by artist Paul McCarthy. She thinks this work of art is ruining her street and she wants to travel to Los Angeles to meet McCarthy and take revenge. Wunderbaum decides to invite Inez to come with them to LA to tell her story there. They inform McCarthy that she is on her way. With Walter Bart, Matijs Jansen, Marleen Scholten, Maartje Remmers, Inez van Dam. Set design by Maarten van Otterdijk. Co-producer RedCat Los Angeles.

Little on the inside

On a patch of green that is nowhere to be found here, two women provide a little comfort for one another. Through stories old and new they occupy an imagined space, and invent a world in which they might live together. But how can they stay in a place that doesn’t exist?

Little on the inside premiered at Latitude Festival 2013 and subsequently toured to the Almeida Festival to universal acclaim. Production originally commissioned by the Almeida Festival.

Light Killer

Is the human body just a reflective body or is it a shining source itself? Mikail and HotCal are two young beings with a peculiarity: they irradiate light. They are recruited by The Greek, a mysterious artist, who wishes to steal their light by promising beauty and eternity as a contemporary Mephistopheles. A disembodied composition of bodies, bizarre shining exercises and visions from the darkness.

Leaving Home Party

Catherine Ireton, lead singer of God Help the Girl (Belle and Sebastian) never left home. On a whim and a promise she took a one-way Ryanair flight to Glasgow Prestwick in 2005. Now she’s got a job, a Tesco club card and a shared pot plant in a country that was never meant to be home. Tonight she is having a party to mark all those tiny moments of letting go. Leaving Home Party is a story told through song about finding your way in the world.

Landscape with Skiproads

On stage, a collection of objects that have played a unique role in our history. Without exception these are the objects that were present at key moments in history. They were there when we became who we are today. When once more a stretch of our path was laid down for us, they were present in silence. With these, Pieter De Buysser, a boy and his horse are on a search for a lost future. A joyful and epic journey is taking off.

Lands of Glass

Ever heard a glass orchestra? An incredible band invites you to run away to the unforgettable town of Quinnipak. There you’ll meet the glass-maker dreaming of crystal palaces, the musician searching for notes only he can hear and the orphan trying not to grow into his coat- shaped destiny. This theatrical adaptation brings best- selling Italian novelist Alessandro Baricco’s wonderful, hilarious world of imagination to UK audiences for the first time. Features live music played on specially created glass instruments: marimbas, chimes, bells, even a Sauvignon-blancophone.

Winner: Northern Stage Title Pending Award. Developed at BAC.

Lady GoGo Goch

Frankie Fox presents a playful and mesmeric exploration of music, voice and cultural identity. ‘You have to struggle consciously for your identity. Not because you’re better than anybody else, or because your culture is greater. But because it just happens to be yours.’ Part cabaret, this show examines the history, lore and lineage of one woman, with musician Ricardo Rocha using traditional, bespoke and amplified instruments to create trance-like atmospheres. A Bristol Old Vic Ferment commission.

Performed in Welsh and English and suitable for speakers of either language (or neither!)


Award-winning theatre from Denmark, combining performance, dance and live music. An exquisitely orchestrated descent to chaos reducing audiences to both laughter and tears. We enter a strange, tightly choreographed world assembled from randomly generated material. We then witness this world being violently clipped to pieces in a unique form of live collage.

Shortlisted for a TOTAL THEATRE AWARD 2014 in the PHYSICAL/VISUAL THEATRE category


KlangHaus is a 360° visceral, enveloping experience challenging conventions of the live gig. An enigmatic salon saturated in sound and souls, soaked in layers of shifting colour, live music, projections: disorientating imagery altering observers’ perceptions. Very quiet, very loud – the show blends electronica, experimental-rock, improvisation, animation, shadow montage, illusion and narrative. Noise-art collaborators The Neutrinos and Sal Pittman put the vision and the breath back into listening.

There will be a relaxed performance of Klanghaus on the 5th & 12th August at midday.

‘Throbbing art-punk noise and sexy urgent energy’ TimeOut New York

“Manipulative leaders, mentors, lovers and losers populate the Neutrinos world of song”
Village Voice NYC

‘The ultimate medicine for the creative block’ Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard Directors of 20,000 Days on Earth.

‘A Neutrinos show will leave you dazed, shocked, maybe scared, but certainly thrilled’ World of Gigs USA

Kid Box

Starting from a childhood game, Kid explores the complex relationship between mother and kid through simple lighting and sound design, extraordinary movement and unbelievable imagination. ‘At birth I opened my eyes and saw the world; at night I close my eyes and enter dreamland. Opening the box to see my dream; closing it to see the world!’ Box breaks the barrier of dream and reality, creates the theatre space in the entire world, and brings the entire world into this magical box. A powerful double bill of dance transforms poetry into body language.

Invisible Walls

“Invisible walls” by Teatri ODA, coming from Kosovo, is a remarkable story of people trapped, in isolation, surrounded by invisible walls.

The stories told of war torn Kosovo are drawn from the real life experiences of the actors and their friends and families. The audience are provided with passports that take them on a touching and sometimes intimate experience where they discover the isolation and physical and psychological pressure, the impossibility of enjoying basic human rights and the joy of small freedoms. A truly international production supported by the IN SITU network “Invisible Walls” was devised by the company in collaboration with artists from the UK, France and Austria. It was premiered at the Oerol Festival Netherlands to critical acclaim.

Please note, this performance takes place outside and may be subject to cancellation if there are bad weather conditions.


An exciting opportunity for 0-4 year olds (and their adults), to enter a realm of mystery, fun and adventure. Innocence is a unique playroom performance where the audience explore William Blake’s Songs of Innocence. Innocence invites children to join an interactive journey of theatre, story and live music. A beautiful, captivating and innovative dance experience.

I Do, Do I

How much power could you entrust in a group of children? Would you let them tell you what to wear or compose music for you to perform? Would you let them do anything they want? I Do, Do I is a series of Fluxus inspired musical scores written by children and performed by a man. Grown up sensibilities are left at the door as we join award-winning artist and performer Greg Sinclair for a musical journey through the whims and wonders of childish imagination.

Winner of The Arches and Summerhall’s Autopsy Award.

Visit Greg’s website here.

Hymn to Disappearance

The ancient Chinese game of passing the flower leads to the telling of nine surreal tales which each reflect a moment in which people get lost within their own lives, for reasons such as jealousy, rage, death, despair or simply the inevitability of fate. Told without words, but purely by movement, dance and ritual masks, each story is shadowed by traditional Oriental culture but with a modern twist. They also contain elements of the Western Christian concept of the Seven Deadly Sins, interpreted from an Eastern perspective.

How does a Snake Shed its Skin?

Margaret Thatcher is on a diet. Virginia Woolf is in a bucket. Marilyn Monroe is reading the dictionary. So what is this woman doing with her head in a filing cabinet? A show about definitions and diagnoses created from the diaries, letters and to-do lists of this peculiar trio. Written and performed by Susanna Hislop and directed by Anna Ledwich. Developed with support of BAC, Yard Theatre and National Theatre Studio.

Hibrow In-Conversations

Tonight’s Hibrow In-Conversation (8th August) will include filmmaker and writer Mark Cousins (The Story of Film: An Odyssey;Life May Be) and film director and producer Don Boyd (Founder and Artistic Director of Hibrow, The Great Rock and Roll SwindleScum).
The talk will be moderated by BBC Head of Arts, Jonty Claypole. Join us for what promises to be a very special evening.
Each week, two surprise guests chat on stage about life, art, the festival and everything else. Hibrow showcase the arts online: world-class names from theatre, music, dance, film and literature. Top name-dropping.

Head in the Clouds: The Peregrinations of Marie Marvingt

Marie was no ordinary woman … at fifteen, when her mother died, she raised her siblings, learned four different languages including Esperanto, got a degree, became a prize-winning cook, dancer, gymnast, swimmer, fencer, bob-sledder and canoed from Paris to Germany. However, she longed for something more. She longed to fly. Come on an odyssey of the skies and discover the incredible life and adventures of one of France’s first female aviators, otherwise known as the Fiancée of Danger. This is a magical tale of a young woman’s yearning for unbound freedom.

Hand Made in China: Moons, Migration and Messages

It is night of the Moon Festival, a time of transformation, reunion, dreaming and secret messages. Come, listen and share in a show of mythical and modern migration tales, told with music, tea, mooncakes and a rickshaw – all handmade in China. By Hua Dan’s Dumpling Dreams Theatre and Migration Project, in collaboration with Tinderbox Project, Confucius Institute and Beijing Community Rickshaw Project. Hua Dan is a pioneering Chinese NGO using grassroots theatre to work with migrant women, workers and families in Beijing and rural Sichuan. Performed in English and Mandarin.

Guinea Pigs on Trial

Sh!t Theatre have decent bodies. They are trying to sell them. Pharmaceutical trials such as Flu Camp are being marketed to job seekers and students as a way of making money, essentially turning poor people into guinea pigs. Delving into the murky ethics of Big Pharma, broke Sh!t Theatre ask: is guinea-pigging a good cure for an empty bank account? And what happens when profit takes priority in the creation of medicine? Using song, satire, spoken word and movement, Sh!t Theatre follow up their multi-award-winning show Job Seekers Anonymous 2013.

Factor 9

Dogstar reunites the creators of The Tailor of Inverness to present a powerful new production, telling the story of the greatest medical disaster of our time. Rab (Stewart Porter) and Bruce (Matthew Zajac) are haemophiliacs. They both live with life-threatening diseases contracted through the prescription of contaminated blood products. Thousands across the world have not survived.

A ‘furiously skillful’ (Västerbottens-Kuriren, Sweden) multimedia theatre event, Factor 9 challenges the pharmaceutical industry and medical and political establishments, asking – how could this happen?

Director Ben Harrison.

Every Brilliant Thing

You’re six years old. Mum’s in hospital. Dad says she’s ‘done something stupid’. She finds it hard to be happy. You start to make a list of everything that’s brilliant about the world. Everything that’s worth living for. 1. Ice cream, 2. Water fights, 3. Things with stripes, 4. Laughing so hard you shoot milk out your nose, 5. Rollercoasters, 6. Me. A new play about depression and the lengths we will go to for those we love. The show involves members of the audience, making each performance unique.

Duck, Death and the Tulip

Duck, Death and the Tulip is a strangely heart warming story. A duck strikes up an unlikely friendship with Death. Simple, unusual, warm and witty. The superb use of mime, magic and puppets allows the play to deal with a difficult subject in a way that is elegant and thought provoking. The story will intrigue and enchant both children and adults alike!

Domestic Labour: A Study in Love

War, bicycles and the withdrawal method. A love story: man and woman, east/west, the mundane and the monumental, the personal and the political, the dust behind the bed and the Iranian baby boom. A love story told through the nitty-gritty of daily life – past girlfriends, marriage, Islamic law and Brigitte Bardot – as a man and his absent wife negotiate the very domestic battle over who does the washing up. Created by award-winning 30 Bird, Domestic Labour is inspired by 1970’s feminism and its impact on men.

Dead To Me

Steven is a believer – he believes in reason, logic and humanity. The psychic believes in the spirits. Dead To Me is a disturbingly funny story about a man and his troubled relationship with a psychic and her spirit guide. When the truth is confronted, an irreversible chain of events is set in motion and Steven finds out that living people can be unnecessarily cruel. The dead are easier to deal with.

Chalk About

A playful, funny and sometimes moving look at how we see ourselves and others, featuring dance, chat and one perfect scene containing everything you could wish for… Join Christine and Hendrik as they ask some big questions about identity and the meaning of life. What makes us who we are? Is it where we are from? Is it the way we dance? Our pasts or our futures? And, most importantly, doesn’t everyone like pizza?

Part of Made in Scotland showcase. Originally created by Christine Devaney and Leandro Kees (Performing Group, DE). Commissioned by Imaginate.

Britannia Waves the Rules

Carl Jackson doesn’t fit in at home. When he joins the army, he sees it as a chance to escape the grim reality of life. But it doesn’t matter where he runs to, or how hard or how fast – there are too many battles for him to win them all. And when Carl comes home, it’s not as a hero but a changed man. Fast, furious and filled with rage, this play is a scream of protest at the state of the world.

Blood Orange

Set in Scotland’s club scene past, with a cocktail of drunken, disgusting cruelty. A young man loses control of his tolerance for race, religion and faith in a tragedy about rural Scotland being invaded by the SDL. Zander loses his mum and he blames those Asian market sellers for his dad shutting down the shop. Mole lurks on the top soil of Zander’s darkest thoughts only to unleash a racist crusader to deliver the fatal blow. Blood Orange examines the turbulent rise of the new far right in modern Scotland. Written by Graham Main.

Birdwatchers’ Wives

Meet Rita Grebe, a seven-foot woman who thinks she’s a bird. The latest alter-ego of performance artist Caroline Smith, ‘deliciously dark’ (The Guardian), ‘curiously cathartic’ (The Times), was researched with British birdwatchers – and now Rita’s hell-bent on turning the archetype of the twitcher on its head. Dressed in elaborate great crested grebe plumage, Smith questions what happens when a bird runs the show and the label of ‘human’ no longer applies. Expect the comical and surreal, for not everything is what it seems… Continuing Smith’s themes of uprooting the everyday in order to uncover and examine the strange.

Biding Time (Remix)

Musician Louise Quinn and Grid Iron’s Co-Artistic Director Ben Harrison’s immersive silent disco remix of aspiring singer-songwriter Thyme’s journey through the fame-factory. Featuring film by Uisdean Murray, guest appearance by legendary performance artist Diane Torr and a giant white rabbit. Devised in response to Pippa Bailey’s global shared story project Biding Time. The story of one woman’s discovery of what is expected from a woman to succeed in the music industry…

Part of Made in Scotland showcase.

Beats North

Is this a man’s world? Beats North is a double bill of new plays by Luke Barnes and Ishy Din exploring the soundtrack to our lives through the eyes and ears of two young men who are still trying to figure it out. The individual stories of our characters Jack and Al are seamlessly interwoven live on stage by award-winning scratch DJ Mariam Rezaei. Come join the party and request a song for your soundtrack. Beats North was the winner of the Northern Stage Title Pending Award 2013. Directed by Amy Golding, designed by Holly Seager.

Asian Dub Foundation Live DJ Set Featuring Pandit G and Aktavata

Following their gig in Edinburgh, ADF’s after-party comes to Summerhall with a DJ set mixing electronica, jungle, dub, ragga, and some very rare mash-ups. Two world class DJ’s as well as the sensational MC Soom T from Glasgow, who has a huge following and beautiful vocal style. Since their Mercury award nomination in the mid- nineties ADF have always been pushing the boundaries and challenging convention. Hotly tipped on Radio 6 music to have a massive comeback this year with the release of their new album.

Are You Lonesome Tonight

Ellie Stamp was told that she is the secret love child of Elvis. Since then she has been trying to discover how and why delusional beliefs occur. Are You Lonesome Tonight is a solo interactive performance, created with neuroscientist research partners and based on true events. It utilises Ellie’s skills in immersive theatre, game play, visual imagery and music to examine current methodology used to define and measure madness. She invites the audience to explore her lineage to The King by playing with nine numbers that fascinated Sir Issac Newton, Pythagoras and Elvis.

Anatomy of the Piano

Anatomy of the Piano

Part piano recital, part fantasy lecture, pianist Will Pickvance returns with his sell-out EdFringe 2013 show of virtuosity, dissection and surreal humour.

In uncovering the physical, emotional and spiritual anatomy of the piano, Pickvance sheds light on his own story as a musician and the codependency that exists between the piano and pianist. Piano solos, songs and underscores are accompanied by hand-drawn projections in a performance perfectly suited to the charming Victorian Anatomy Lecture Theatre at Summerhall.

Winner of WINDOW Emerging Talent Award Brighton Fringe 2014, having received critical acclaim on a tour of Australia earlier this year.

‘Very funny, this man is the Will Pickvance of his generation’ – Dylan Moran

Piano Speak
St Giles Cathedral
Free Entry

Pickvance will also be performing at St Giles Cathedral throughout the Festival!

Maverick pianist Will Pickvance performs his popular concerts of piano improvisations and witty repartee. Enjoyed across generations and music tastes, the shows are never the same twice, featuring original takes on audience requests, played on the Cathedral Steinway… a Bach fugue evolves into a be-bop classic on its way to becoming a version of Nirvana’sSmells Like Teen Spirit…

4, 11, 18, 25 August: 12.15pm-1pm
7, 8, 14, 15, 21, August: 1.30pm-2pm


Edinburgh based singer/songwriter Amy Duncan showcases a new body of songs with string trio: harp, bass and percussion as part of the Made in Scotland Showcase. Undercurrents is about going below the surface to connect with the deep and hidden emotions, engaging fully with life, rather than observing from the edge. It is about seeing through limiting personal beliefs and finding the truth underneath. After the performances, Undercurrents will be recorded and released as Amy’s fifth album.

Part of Made in Scotland showcase.

La Trashiata

An iconoclastic new opera devised and directed by multi award-winning artist, photographer and filmmaker Alison Jackson, internationally renowned for her satirical lookalike images (including BBC2 Bafta winning series Doubletake). Celebrities beware! 

A Walk at the Edge of the World

‘A wonderful meditation on journeys, lives and spaces’ (Audience member), A Walk… begins with a short silent walk for the whole audience: accessible alternative available. Once inside the theatre, audience and performer find the projected images leading us all on another journey. The hidden secrets of the landscape and the constantly shifting border between land and water remind us that the past is always with us. Text Nicholas Bone, design Sans façon, performer Ian Cameron.

Please note, this event is offsite. Audiences should meet at the main entrance at The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Tickets should be collected in advance from Summerhall box office or any Fringe box office outlets in Edinburgh.

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
75 Belford Road

A Journey Round My Skull

A tale of a passionate and painful love affair told by a neurosurgeon. Using wireless headphones and a fantastical sound world, the audience is transported from their seat, to a scrap over profiteroles, into neurosurgery and onto the tracks of a ghost train. This show operates on the ears as well as the heart to dissect our most intimate relationships. Part inspired by the auditory hallucinations experienced by satirist Frigyes Karinthy as described in his extraordinary medical memoir. A Bristol Old Vic Ferment commission.