Visual Art

Exhibitions opening times: 11am – 9pm


Life as a Cheap Suitcase (Pandrogeny & a Search for a Unified Identity)

Genesis & Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Upper Church Gallery

This is the first British exhibition by influential avant-garde artists Genesis and Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge since 2003, featuring the European premiere of major works from their Pandrogyne project.



Susan Hiller

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Lower Church Gallery

Re-Sounding is a new work by American-born, London based artist Susan Hiller. Concerned with unearthing the forgotten or repressed, Hiller is one of the most influential British artists working today.


10, 20, 30 & 40%

Claude Closky

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Meadows Suite Galleries

At first sight, the work of Claude Closky is mainly immaterial. Language is his model to articulate images, text, numbers, and sounds collected in our environment, or made in his studio. Although reluctant to producing objects and spectacular effects, Closky’s work still addresses issues about visibility and space appropriation.


FAILE Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Edinburgh 2014/ Vestige Board Paintings

Faile & Bast

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Lower Cafe Gallery & Former Women's Locker Room

Featuring interactive games he FAILE BÄST Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Edinburgh 2014 invites visitors to take a turn with specially programmed video games and pinball machines or play a round of psychedelic foosball.


Mythical Homeland

Gary Baseman

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Dean's Office

Gary Baseman’s Mythical Homeland delves into the real and imagined histories of generations past, interpreting the Holocaust and its lasting effects on culture and identity.




- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- The Studio

Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps are a collaborative duo who have been working since 2002 to produce art in response to the invasion of Iraq. Their practice has evolved to confront power and war across the globe. This August, they …

Sybille II

Sybille II

Wim Delvoye

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014

Belgium artist Wim Delvoye’s video Sybille II is at first deceiving – an ochre, almost abstract, colour field slowly reveals a landscape of unusual features and, eventually, all too human physical processes which both attract and repel at the same time.


Western Front

Muirhead Bone

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- War Memorial Library

Britain’s first official war artist, Muirhead Bone trained at Glasgow School of Art and was posted to France in 1916, arriving during the battle of the Somme. Through hundreds of exquisite drawings made on the spot and distributed in Britain through popular prints, Bone conveyed the destruction of the western front and its effect upon the men who fought there.



Tamsyn Challenger

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Basement Galleries and throughout buildings

This exhibition by political artist Tamsyn Challenger comprises elements of habitual performance, viral infiltration, a small farm, feminine identity and the impacts of social media; drawing parallels between historical modes of control and mass cultivation.


Heart (Meteorite)

Augustin Rebetez

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Courtyard Gallery

Heart (Meteorite) brings together strange monotonous beasts, ornate stop-motion videos and rapidly assembled humanoid sculptures, depicting the tragedy and comedy of Rebetez’s bittersweet universe.



Antonio O'Connell

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Building Front

Antonio O’Connell is a Mexican installation artist and architect who creates extensions and intrusions into buildings using recycled materials and items from a building’s past.O’Connell will create a major new work at the front of Summerhall, incorporating some of the former Vet School’s fixtures and fittings.


The Northernmost North

Birgir Andrésson (1955 - 2007)

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014

One of Iceland’s best-known contemporary artists, Birgir Andrésson’s work uses conceptual strategies to explore aspects of Icelandic culture and national identity. Raised in a home for the blind as the sighted child of blind parents, Andrésson was particularly attuned to the relationship between language and perception.


Dreaming of Heroic Days

Caroline McNairn

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Library Gallery

This exhibition celebrates Caroline McNairn’s (1955-2010) year spent painting in Russia and Ukraine. This was the culmination of an historic cultural exchange between Scotland and the former USSR organised by Andrew Brown, director of Edinburgh’s 369 Gallery and Baroness Smith, …


The Living Mountain

Lindsay Todd

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Church Basement

In a specially designed ‘record shop’ in the basement of the Church Gallery, graphic designer and vinyl record collector Todd will be spinning discs daily and allowing visitors to browse and buy LPs, audio cassettes and CDs of his own …


Kings and Totems for Dolly, Sculpture and Prints

Alex Flett

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Summerhall Cafe

I am a lucky man because I was taught as a student by the likes of the Post Painterly Abstractionist Patrick Heron, the British Cubist Keith Vaughan, and the Master Etcher Norman Ackroyd. Although I have maintained printmaking, I became …

Phenotype Genotype (1)

Exhibition in a Pocket

Paul Robertson

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Various tables around Summerhall

An exhibition of small avant garde works entirely contained within Summerhall curator’s pockets – shown at coffee or wine tables at random during the Festival period.


444 Archives

Ignaz Cassar

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- TechCube Room 1.4

444 Archives is an installation based on photographic artwork. As the title of the work indicates, 444 Archives is a collection of 444 photographs of 444 publicly registered repositories in the Greater London area. Each photograph is stored in one …


Making Time

Hanne Darboven (1941 - 2009)

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014

Darboven was one of the most important of the original conceptual artists – after her move to NYC she met Sol Le Witt and others in the movement and began to create drawings on lined paper that repeated a letter-form …


Large Things of Different Shapes and Colours

Group Show

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Various

Artists Kevin Harman, Tim Sandys, Louise Gibson, Kenny Watson, Steve Earl Weber and Shane Jezowski and others will be exhibiting large neon and sculptural works throughout Summerhall as part of a curated show of such works including newly commissioned works.


Phenotype Genotype

Heart Fine Art Archive

- Permanent
- Phenotype Genotype

Over 400 works spanning over 100 years of artistic endeavour from Futurism to Street Art along with historical, scientific and political documents from the same periods placing art in the context of a wider culture.


Demarco Archive

Richard Demarco

- 01 Aug - 26 Sept 2014
- Demaro Gallery

A selection of specially curated and selected exhibitions by Richard Demarco.