Domestic Labour: A Study in Love

30 Bird / Escalator East to Edinburgh

- Venue: The Dissection Room
- Age Suitability: 12+
- Times: 14.00 (60 mins)

Note: Loud Noises

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War, bicycles and the withdrawal method. A love story: man and woman, east/west, the mundane and the monumental, the personal and the political, the dust behind the bed and the Iranian baby boom. A love story told through the nitty-gritty of daily life – past girlfriends, marriage, Islamic law and Brigitte Bardot – as a man and his absent wife negotiate the very domestic battle over who does the washing up. Created by award-winning 30 Bird, Domestic Labour is inspired by 1970’s feminism and its impact on men.

""imaginative and visually striking""
The Scotsman