Invisible Walls

Teatri ODA

- Venue: The Street
- Category:
- Age Suitability: 16+
- Times: 14.00 (35 mins)
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“Invisible walls” by Teatri ODA, coming from Kosovo, is a remarkable story of people trapped, in isolation, surrounded by invisible walls.

The stories told of war torn Kosovo are drawn from the real life experiences of the actors and their friends and families. The audience are provided with passports that take them on a touching and sometimes intimate experience where they discover the isolation and physical and psychological pressure, the impossibility of enjoying basic human rights and the joy of small freedoms. A truly international production supported by the IN SITU network “Invisible Walls” was devised by the company in collaboration with artists from the UK, France and Austria. It was premiered at the Oerol Festival Netherlands to critical acclaim.

Please note, this performance takes place outside and may be subject to cancellation if there are bad weather conditions.

"It is something we never experienced before"
Koha Ditore