Near Gone

Two Destination Language / Escalator East To Edinburgh

- Venue: Demonstration Room
- Age Suitability: 14+
- Times: 12.30 (60 mins)

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Note: Two dates will be sign interpreted - 7th & 23rd August.

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Two performers have a difficult story to tell. They come on stage and launch themselves into an hour long attempt to put into words the utterly unspeakable. Delivered in English and Bulgarian, with pounding gypsy- inspired music, this beautiful performance fills an empty space with two performers, hundreds of fresh flowers and a storm of emotion. A performance piece that packs a punch – transforming your very sense of what it is to be a mother, a father, a child. And you’ll leave more fully alive than ever. Audiences say ‘immensely powerful and life- enhancing’, ‘brilliant, original, energetic and beautiful’.