The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland

Ridiculusmus / Jon Haynes, Patrizia Paolini, Richard Talbot, David Woods

- Venue: The Dissection Room
- Category:
- Age Suitability: 16+
- Times: 12.00 (70 mins)

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Note: Includes descriptions, performed experiences and discussion of early onset psychoses and schizophrenia. Four performers, audience is split either side of a central divide, swap to see other half in brief interval.

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A dual family drama about recovery from schizophrenia. It simultaneously stages the first psychotic episodes of a mother and son as they navigate stress and change with fantastical results involving Finnish folk, Margaret Drabble, Adolf Hitler and the knitted cover for a toilet roll. Their two interconnected stories are performed to separate but adjoining auditoria in the same theatre space, audible but unseen to each other. At half time they switch seats and the action is replayed, mapping a pathway to recovery through dialogical understanding of their situation.